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Welcome to Digital Security Frontier Vision: The Voice of the Core Builders from Global Digital Security Industry #10

In this interview, We are pleased to have Lisa Cheng, Founder at Vanbex Group, as our interview guest!

Since 2013 Vanbex Group have specialized in consulting, communications and development for global blockchain businesses. They used to work with many clients on their ICOs. In the recent years, They noticed many Issuers expressing their interest in creating an STO.In this interview, she will be sharing her points on the digital security industry.

Enjoy the Insight.

1. We heard that Vanbex did not do digital securities at first, but now it is one of the few companies in Canada that is committed to promoting the digital security industry. Why choose that?

A: We believe that security tokens are the next big step in the development of blockchain, and a major part of the future of finance in general. Blockchain-based digital securities offer greater accessibility and greater potential liquidity, making them attractive to a wider variety of investors than any previous investment product. That’s why we’re so eager to move toward a digital security platform: STOs and other digital securities products will be the dominant blockchain service for several years to come, and Vanbex is committed to being at the forefront of that process.

2. There is more and more news about Vanbex’s cooperation with partners, such as STOCOOP, Security Token Market, Entoro and other digital security industry participants. What do you think the close cooperation between organizations can bring to this industry?

A: One of the great things about digital securities is how interdisciplinary the space has become. We anticipate greater entry into the space by everyone from investment banks to broker-dealers to law firms to asset managers — and given the right synergy of goals, Vanbex would be happy to partner with any of them.

3. As more and more STOs are coming, according to your observations, are there more companies in Canada that want to do an STO? What is the sales situation in Canada’s digital security market currently?

A: Canada’s digital securities market is like every country’s: exploding. Canadian regulators still have some legal and tax-related issues to settle before the space can truly find its footing, but even on a foundation that’s only been partially constructed, the space is growing quickly. We regularly speak with Canadian clients and potential clients who only heard of digital securities in 2018, and by 2019 they are already gearing up to launch their own.

4. What are the main steps for companies to do an STO? How does Vanbex help these companies?

A: There are two basic paths: construct your own, or use a token issuance platform like Rocket from Vanbex. Building your own blockchain platform is expensive, time-intensive, and prone to delays and errors. With Rocket, you can launch your digital security almost instantly, with no development cost and, unlike a new in-house platform, with Rocket you can rely on the stability of your token and its fundraising campaign.

5. Please tell us about Vanbex’s “all-in-one STO creation platform?” Rocket 2.0

A: Rocket 2.0 is exactly as it sounds: a platform that provides all of the critical components of designing and launching a digital security token, as well as everything needed to run a fundraising campaign designed around it. From token features-creation to landing page design to on-platform promotion to digital funds collection, Rocket 2.0 does everything you need to launch a digital security — or a more traditional blockchain utility token.

6. Vanbex’s blog was introduced that “Whitelists alone cannot fully address compliance”. So what steps are needed to resolve the compliance for digital securities ?

A: The only way to currently ensure compliance is vigilance. In such a quickly-changing regulatory environment, the only approach that has a chance of success is the one Vanbex has embraced: silo compliance within a smart contract and make the platform responsive to any changes in its rule-set, allowing the platform to maintain a blockchain-based approach to implementation of the latest regulatory changes. That lets Vanbex quickly adjust any aspect of a token’s behavior and lets regulators see exactly what’s going on under the hood, increasing transparency.

7. At present, the lack of liquidity is generally considered to be a current problem. How do you think about solving this problem?

A: Right now, the security token market is waiting the last few months for widespread legal consent to the trading of digital securities on so-called “secondary markets.” These markets provide total liquidity for digital asset buyers, so as they become more numerous and more accredited they will provide a greater proportion of the market.

8. Some people think that “Information Asymmetry in Security Token Offerings” is also a big problem in STOs. How do you think and how to solve this problem?

A: The key to the so-called “information asymmetry in security token offerings” is the building of a robust community and economy around STOs. When that happens, both the financial and personal incentives will exist to maintain public-facing businesses and publications that focus on providing specifically the sort of intelligence that investors need most. That’s what Vanbex hopes to do: build the future of blockchain so that issues like information asymmetry become a thing of the past.

9. Is there anything else that you would like to share about Vanbex with the builders of digital security industry in china?

A: Vanbex is a truly globally-focused company with an eye toward the future of STOs in every jurisdiction, including China. Chinese crypto-investors are among the most active in all of crypto, and Vanbex wouldn’t turn away from such an opportunity.

Thank you for the interview!

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