investaxInvestaX CEO Julian Kwan:STO in Singapore

Welcome to Digital Security Frontier Vision: The Voice of the Core Builders from Global Digital Security Industry #31.

This week we are welcoming Julian Kwan from InvestaX. InvestaX aims to be a leading digital securities finance & investment platform for real estate and private equity.

Enjoy the Interview!

1. Welcome to our interview, Can you briefly introduce Investax to our readers?

Digital financing and investments platform licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, for alternative investments such as real estate and private equity. Investax offers end-to-end solutions for digital securities issuance, capital raising, management and secondary trading of alternative investments

2. What is the attitude of regulators towards digital securities in Singapore?

Extremely positive and supportive, there are already several regulation updates under discussion to increase the growth and infrastructure required to develop the digital securities space. I would say Singapore is the most progressive government in the world related to supporting the digital securities industry.

3. What do you think are the advantages of issuing STO in Singapore,compared to the U.S. or Europe?

The most important element of any STO is the S. What is the security being offering, the value, the risks, the returns etc. So I wouldn’t say any jurisdiction is necessarily better than any other unless you look at it deal by deal. That being said, Singapore and Switzerland are probably the “best” jurisdictions to launch an STO, however, what is just as important is who is going to help you launch the STO, you need partners who have the technology, licenses, and investors and that is where InvestaX unique value proposition is.

4. What makes Investax unique if compared to other platforms?

We were the first licensed platform in Asia to launch institutional digital securities. We are also building the end to end solutions on the 1 platform, so it is a one-stop shop which is ultimately possible with support from the regulators and because of distributed ledger technology. We also have a proven track record of placing capital in 25 private equity investments with 13 successful exits so far.

5. How many STOs did you already facilitate? Are there any STO cases you can share with us?

Yes, we have 3 current STO on our platform

6. Based on your observations, which assets are suitable for STO in Singapore?

every asset will eventually be held as an STO, however, we focus on alternatives including real estate and private equity as we believe these assets benefit the most from the value of using an STO to issue and hold the shares in such investments

7. How far are we when it comes to the trading of Security Tokens? What are the biggest problems and how/when will they be solved?

The world needs to focus on primary issuance right now, otherwise, there is no secondary trading. Infrastructure is being built but will take time and the quality of the STO in the market needs to, and is, dramatically improving.

8. What do you think will happen on security tokens in Asia next?

InvestaX and our community will go to the moon

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